Not to worry. I keep things simple for us both and believe in listening and working with each of my clients closely every step of the way from project beginning to end. My main goal is to make your business stronger.


The First Step is for me to get acquainted with your project(s) needs and where your business has been and more importantly where you want it to go. I am an intent listener and note taker, which always helps me in pinpointing the right solutions for each business.


The Second Step is for me to send you a proposal estimate for your project. It will indicate all the steps necessary to complete it and the range of hours and fees associated with each step. The estimate is calculated using an hourly rate, and indicates the minimum and maximum possible fee. As long as we stay on track with the scope detailed in the estimate, you will never pay more than that maximum. If the steps, cost, and deliverable work for you, you sign the estimate and it becomes our agreeement to work together.


Felt Studio’s whole reason to exist is to solve your communication problems. We live for it. Therefore our process takes into account that there will be a little back and forth to get exactly what you want. The estimate plans for a certain number of rounds of revisions so there’s no confusion on either side as to the process. That said, if an extra round becomes necessary—for example, your business partner changes the text at the last minute on a piece—we’ll be happy to accommodate and bill it separately.

Design reviews generally happen online (though if possible, we’d be happy to present in person). The online reviews are simple click-through “slideshows” samples. The designs will look pretty polished, but these are preliminary representations of the concepts and can be refined further.

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